Edmonton Centre In Need of SEO To Spread News Of Their New PET Scanners

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Edmonton’s PET Research Team

The Edmonton PET Centre has several on-site dedicated research labs for the development of new PET radiotracers and their subsequent in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Following regulatory approval, the research complex is designed to facilitate clinical testing of promising new radiopharmaceuticals.

What is PET?

A PET Scan is a simple procedure. It involves the use of a small amount of a radioactive material, similar to what is used in other nuclear medicine procedures…

PET Scanners

The Edmonton PET Centre currently has 2 dedicated PET scanners in the department of diagnostic imaging. These are the Gemini system supplied by Philips Medical and the Biograph mCT supplied by Siemens Healthcare. These scanners are used to provide images of the physiological and metabolic status of disease that can be overlaid with an anatomical image provided by the CT scanner.